Suffer the Little Children Podcast - Episode 124: Hazel Homan (Part 1)

Episode 124: Hazel Homan (Part 1)

On November 27, 2019, 27-year-old Kamee Dixon called 911, saying her stepdaughter had choked and was unresponsive. Sadly, the damage to three-year-old Hazel Homan’s brain was not survivable. After police found evidence of a pattern of abuse, Kamee was arrested and charged with her murder.

This is the story of how child protection agencies failed a little girl who was removed from her parents’ custody, placed with her grandparents for a year and a half, and returned to her father’s home in June of 2019, only to die five months later. It’s also the story of a precious three-year-old girl with long brown hair, pinchable cheeks, and big brown eyes who loved Baby Shark, chicken nuggets, and playing with her toy ponies. 

This is part one of the heartbreaking story of Hazel Homan.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say I listen to all of your podcasts. I’m a mom of six boys and I could never ever hurt one of my boys that way. I raised them by myself and they are all grown now but I would have never been able to do that to any of them! Thank you

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