Groomed to Die: The Kendzia Children | Part 4: Shannon, Continued on Suffer the Little Children Podcast

Groomed to Die: The Kendzia Children | Part 4: Shannon, Continued

In part three, I told you about the early childhood experiences of Shannon Kendzia, who was chronically ill beginning at the age of two weeks, even though doctors could never determine exactly why. Shannon spent her entire childhood enduring a never-ending series of gastric and other health issues, the symptoms of which – coincidentally or not – closely resemble the signs of frequent use of ipecac syrup.

This week, I’ll pick up where I left off, telling you about Shannon’s continuing illnesses, how her mother Susan’s abuse continued even after Shannon left the home, the professionals who ignored her pleas for help, and the dark path Shannon’s life took once she reached adulthood. 

This is part 4: Shannon, Continued.

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