Episode 128: Divina and Thaddeus Sran on Suffer the Little Children Podcast

Episode 128: Divina and Thaddeus Sran

On July 15, 2020, Briseida and Sukhjinder Sran reported their two-year-old special needs son, Thaddeus, missing from the family’s new home in Madera, California. When the parents stopped cooperating with the police early in the investigation, Thaddeus’s parents came under suspicion, which only intensified after the public learned that the couple had another child, four-month-old Divina, who died five years earlier. After Thaddeus’s charred remains were found miles from home, Briseida and Sukhjinder were arrested.

This is the story of two beautiful siblings who never had the chance to meet during their time on earth. It’s also the story of a community that came together first to find a missing little boy, then to ensure he would never be forgotten.

This is the tragic story of Divina and Thaddeus Sran.

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One thought on “Episode 128: Divina and Thaddeus Sran

  1. I really think that the so called system put in place to protect the children needs to be overhauled and revamped majorly. More people need to be held accountable, including lawyers and judges. Best interest of the child, my ass. I had to fight a San Antonio police officer with custody issues, which was impossible. He was a known abuser but they got free unlimited legal. He was jailed for abuse yet that didn’t matter. He was a San Antonio police officer who got away with so much. His attorney knew the truth but lied just as much.
    I was constantly fined and had to pay for attornies non stop while this abuser won every time. He was finally fired for his second Dwi in 3 months leaving a swingers bar.
    Best interest of the child? Not in this lifetime. How many little ones are buried in the cemetery or in a shallow grave somewhere because of the best interest of the child?

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