Suffer the Little Children Podcast - Episode 130: Dante Mullinix Revisited

Episode 131: Dante Mullinix Revisited

In episodes 76 and 77, I told you the heartbreaking story of two-year-old Dante Mullinix, who died just six days before his third birthday. Tyree Bowie, who was seeing Dante’s mother, Leah Mullinix, told police he thought Dante had choked on animal crackers, but Dante’s death was ruled a homicide caused by traumatic brain injury with strangulation and chest compression.

Many believed Tyree was innocent, and recent events have proven that theory correct. In this episode, I’ll provide recent updates on Dante’s case. You’ll also hear me discuss the lack of justice in Dante’s case with his aunt, Sarah Mullinix, as well as Tyree Bowie himself.

This is Episode 131: Dante Mullinix Revisited.

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You can help Tyree settle back into life outside prison by sending contributions to his mom, Cheryl Preston, through CashApp:$cherylpreston0205 

Petition for FBI to take over the investigation into Dante’s murder: 

The full York Dispatch interview with several jurors (and later Tyree):

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  1. If Hower and the D.A would of looked at the picture my son would of never went to jail and the right person would be in jail til this day.

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