Episode 151: The Kendzia Children Updates | Suffer the Little Children Podcast

Episode 151: The Kendzia Children Updates

Over the course of a seven-part miniseries that began last September called Groomed to Die: The Kendzia Children, I told you about the countless alleged crimes committed by Susan Lee, formerly known as Susan Stevenson, Susan Cook, and Susan Kendzia. I told you about Susan’s charges in the 1980s for the murders of her two adopted infant sons, Michael and Kevin, and her subsequent murder trial; the chronic, inexplicable illnesses suffered by Susan’s daughter, Shain, throughout her first 28 years; and Susan’s alleged abuse of her own children, her step-sons, the children she babysat, and the third infant she was somehow allowed to adopt even after the first two died under suspicious circumstances.

In this episode, I will provide multiple updates in this saga, including Susan’s sudden death in April of this year; the shocking results of her post-mortem tox screen; and the placement of a headstone for baby Kevin after 37 long years.

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