Episode 152: Jazmine Robin | Suffer the Little Children Podcast

Episode 152: Jazmine Robin

Baby Jazmine Robin weighed under three pounds when she was born 11 weeks premature, and she spent nine weeks in a Houston hospital’s NICU before being taken home on July 3, 2018 by her parents, Jason Robin Jr. and Kat White. Only 11 days later, Jasmine arrived at the emergency room, suffering from head trauma, brain bleeding, broken bones, and bruising. The following day, Jazmine was pronounced dead.

This is the story of a pair of drug users who were under CPS investigation for abuse of another child when they allegedly killed their premature newborn. It’s also the story of a sweet little girl who, despite fighting hard for her life, never had a chance. 

This is the infuriating story of Jazmine Robin. 

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